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Your competent service partner and project partner in Europe

Our competences: agriculture, diversificaton on farm incomes, women in rural areas, rural development, agri-business, bioenergy, climate change, water-, soil-, air- and floodprotection-Management, forest, food quality, vocational education, employeemanagement, knowledge-management, advisory services

The chamber is partner in different EU-projects sponored by

Horizon(t) 2020: FAirWAY, DiverIMPACTS, WEAM4i, EUFRUIT, green Gain, LANDMARK, AGRISPIN, Inno4Grass as well as 

Interreg, here mainly Interreg V B North Sea Region: NuReDrain, TOPSOIL and also Interreg V A (D/NL) e.g. MOM (Mest of Maat) and several national funded projects e.g. by the federal state of germany, lower saxony, metropolitan areas, foundations and others.

The chamber  is a member of the german society for projectmanagement (GPM) .

Your contacts
for lower saxony in Oldenburg considering projects and EU funding programs,
feel free to get in touch:

in brussels, Verband der Landwirtschaftskammern (VLK):

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INTERREG Baltic Sea projects: The Chamber's activities in the forestry sector 

Rainer Mennen
Project Management Office (PMO)
Telefon: 0441 801-144
Telefax: 0441 801-315

Stand: 04.05.2020

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