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The Director

The director manages the day-to-day business and performs the various functions of the Chamber of Agriculture. He is the business representative for the everyday business of the Chamber and also with respect to judicial and non-judicial functions. In carrying out his professional duties, he reports to the President.

The Director is senior to all of the staff employed by the Chamber of Agriculture, Lower Saxony.

The Director is not a member of the Chamber Assembly.

The current Director is Hans-Joachim Harms. He moved to Oldenburg and has been in post in the Chamber of Agriculture since 2012-04-01. Mr. Hans-Joachim Harms has worked for the Chamber of Agriculture Weser-Ems, later CoA Lower Saxony, since 1985. During this period, he was responsible for various tasks, amongst others the personnel and the finance sections, and finally the entire administrative department. 



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