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Welcome to the Chamber of Agriculture in Lower Saxony

We offer modern services in agriculture, the food industries, forestry, horticulture and fisheries. We help our clients to ensure quality produce and deliver sustainable value creation, as well as offer support in education and in the development of labour organisation strategies.

We act as a self-regulatory body providing consultation, training and development, testing, research and analysis services and work together with a multitude of reputable partners and service providers from the fields of academia and business. We also work in close collaboration with the state of Lower Saxony, providing our professional opinion on a range of issues. Alongside a whole host of duties that range from research and education to consultancy, the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture also performs several government functions in areas such as agricultural aid and crop protection, in addition to monitoring the application of fertilisers in the region.

Thank you for your interest in the Chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony. We hope you will enjoy this brochure, which offers a brief yet comprehensive overview of our many activities.

President Gerhard Schwetje
Director Hans-Joachim Harms


The lively and entertaining seven-minute film shows the work of the Chamber in its role as a modern service-provider.

The expert advisors of the Chamber from the various departments, ranging across Business Consultancy, Plant and Livestock Production, Horticulture and Forestry, are shown in action.


Here at the Chamber of Agriculture, selected volunteers from the various professions we represent work closely with full-time specialists. The Chamber’s highest decision-making body is the Chamber Assembly, whose members are newly elected every six years. Of our 168 voluntary members, two thirds are business owners and one third consists of workers employed in agriculture, the fishing industry, forestry and horticulture. Every three years they elect a president, two vice presidents as well as the members of the executive committee.


The president, the two vice presidents and the director of the Chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony
 Das Präsidium und der Direktor der Landwirtschaftskammer Niedersachsen Thorsten Ritzmann


Our district offices are situated across Lower Saxony. Here you will find specialists who have the highest level of expertise on the unique features of our region. These offices serve as regional partners for producers, their families and employees, public institutions and other relevant local actors who have any agriculture-related queries.

We also carry out on-site visits to farms to ensure we offer the best possible help and advice for the issue at hand.


Map of Lower Saxony with our district offices
 Niedersachsenkarte mit Bezirks- und Außenstellen LWK


Our specialists provide business advice that ranges from analysis to planning.

We can also help put together applications for subsidies for a wide range of schemes.

In particular, we can explore diversification options, such as agritourism, catering options or direct marketing to the consumer.

We can offer you impartial advice and our consultants are well connected within a wide range network. Our portfolio includes business management, product manufacturing and socio-economics.


Advice to Greening
 Beratung zum Greening Thorsten Ritzmann Fotografie


We offer an impartial selection of expert advice, seminars and talks on healthy and adequate nutrition.

We also provide women working in agriculture with education and training opportunities on digital networking in the home as well as family and office management.

We have trained thousands of agricultural managers and continue to keep them updated on the latest trends. Our service also includes advice and training on gardening as well as on landscaping for farmyards and villages.


Women in agriculture
 Frauen in der Landwirtschaft Iris Kracke


We want to be able to reach you whether you’re at home or on the go. Our website, social media presence (Facebook, Twitter), apps and video channels help us keep you constantly informed.

We also make it possible for you to book seminars and events with us simply and quickly.

www.lwk-niedersachsen.de offers comprehensive information and details of contacts in all areas relating to agriculture and forestry, horticulture and fisheries.

Market and price reporting is crucial to making decisions about farm operations.

Our price and finance app and our website provide you with the latest information.

The Service vom Hof (service from the farm) app shows users a list of farms offering grocery or restaurant services. They can even arrange a farm visit or an overnight stay. Our consumer information focuses on healthy eating and drinking.


LWK-App Preise & Finanzen
 Lwk-App Preise & Finanzen Wolfgang Ehrecke


Impartial expert advice
Having access to the latest information concerning all the key elements of sustainable plant production is vital at every stage of cultivation.

From arable land to grassland, from variety selection and use of fertilisers to monitoring and diagnosing pathogens, our specialists are on hand to provide support across all areas. They are your expert partners in both technical and legal concerns.

The Chamber’s field trials – a solid foundation
A dense network of experimental sites across the whole of Lower Saxony forms the basis of our impartial and professional advice that covers all areas of crop farming.

By monitoring our sites and cooperating closely with practitioners on their fields, we are able to specifically develop integrated plant protection and ecologically responsible crop production measures. The latest developments are showcased at special events and regional Field Days.


Event in June 2017 in Hamerstorf
 Feldtag Wasserschutz Hamerstorf 01.06.2017 Wolfgang Ehrecke


Our specialist organic farming team offers effective advice for transforming your farm operation. Field trials and organic livestock production in our pig barns located in Echem ensure our consultants offer practical recommendations based on the latest knowledge.

Information, advice and support, as well as training on directives, regional and global markets, and economic developments form part of our day-to-day activities.


Event in 2015 in Borwede
 Feldtag 2.015 am 18.06.15 in Borwede Axel Blees


In a range of projects and tests conducted in real-life agricultural settings, we make sure we are ready for the next big challenge as a professional partner for the sustainable and resource-friendly development of livestock production in Lower Saxony.

Our work primarily focuses on animal health as well as animal welfare and consumer protection.


Employers of our LBZ Echem with piglet
 Mitarbeiter des LBZ Echem mit Ferkeln Hans-Jürgen Wege


Our work in animal breeding comprises zootechnical monitoring, offering advice to semen collection centres, breeders and animal breeding organisations, as well as the provision of training and subsidy programmes. We also have experts on hand who specialise in the technical aspects of rearing, health, nutrition and welfare, as well as in the assessment of farming facilities and training.


Seminar in our LBZ Echem
 Grundlagen-Lehrgang Schafschur im LBZ Echem Claudia Kirschke


We are active both on land and on water: our specialists monitor small-scale deep-sea and coastal fishing operations, inland fisheries, aquaculture and animal welfare in fisheries. We also support practitioners by offering training opportunities.


Eeels in Bleckede
 Aalbesatz Bleckede 24.03.2017 Wolfgang Ehrecke


  • Roughly 3.5 million tests were conducted and diagnoses given during inspections for harmful organisms.

  • As part of our plant research, we were able to find answers to a wide range of issues by conducting precise trials on over 600,000 experimental plots of land.

  • The North-West Agricultural Analysis and Research Institute (LUFA) tested over 9.8 million samples – 2 million taken from soil and over 590,000 from feed.

  • Over 35,000 visitors attended our machine demonstrations to find out about the latest technology in crop and livestock applications.

  • Just under 323,000 people took part in training events organised by the Chamber of Agriculture.

  • 1,126 employees working in agricultural businesses were honoured for their service to the profession.

  • Our website (www.lwk-niedersachsen.de) was visited over 60 million times by users searching for information.

  • Over 110,000 managerial consultations were carried out on farms and in offices.

  • We conducted around 18,600 tests to investigate a wide range of horticultural issues.

  • 25,555 young people have qualified in one of the 12 ‘green’ professions, including 7,978 farmers and 8,268 gardeners.

 Gerste Linda Bauer


Our work focuses on tractor testing, offering independent advice as part of technical or construction consultations, as well as providing recommendations on road traffic regulations. Whether it’s energy efficiency or a unique technological application, we have the right experts on hand.


Machine demonstration
 Maschinenvorführung Walter Hollweg


Our mission is to always work hand in hand with practitioners. When the latest technology is being tested in real-life conditions, our specialists will travel far to examine and compare machinery first hand.

Our demonstrations reveal equipment strengths and weaknesses, and all our results are impartial.


Modern technology
 Stalltechnik Christoph Gers-Grapperhaus


Quality comes first in the field of horticulture. Consumers not only want certainty when it comes to fruit and vegetables: trust is also crucial when purchasing ornamental or nursery plants. To ensure even higher standards in this field, we conduct numerous tests in our facilities in the Ahlem district of Hannover and Rostrup in Bad Zwischenahn. We then pass our results straight on to horticultural farms.

The Chamber also provides advice and training: we conduct research on fruit production in Jork and oversee over 1,400 fruit-growing farms. We are also responsible for providing training in the seven branches of horticulture, ranging from tree nurseries to floriculture.


ZINEG greenhouse
 ZINEG Niedrigenergiegewächshaus Annette Pilz


Lower Saxony boasts woodland that is both a place for relaxation as well as a resource for the future. Our forestry commission offices are spread across Lower Saxony and our rangers help woodland owners to maintain, harvest produce from and market their land. We play our part in ensuring the state’s woodland is cared for and used sustainably. Together with our forestry experts, we participate in research projects, e.g. to safeguard the water supply or to combat climate change.

Thanks to our mobile forestry schools, we are also able to offer training in forest work.

We develop adequate compensatory areas for infrastructure measures.


Trip in the forests
 Exkursion Rudolf Fuchs


We are currently training 6,000 students in so-called ‘green’ professions. As part of our professional qualification and training courses, we offer over 500 seminars every year. In addition to offering advice to employers and employees, we also run a job portal for vacancies in agriculture (the AJB). Another portal, ‘Talente gesucht’, offers an overview of all the regulated ‘green’ professions.

At our agricultural training centre in Echem we provide training on both traditional and organic approaches to livestock production. Our courses include tests and hands-on demonstrations to combine scientific insight with practice.


Classes in our LBZ Echem
 Unterricht im LBZ Echem Hans-Jürgen Wege


Protecting our valuable resources – agricultural land, soil, water and air – is the main occupation of our sustainable land use team. Their remit also includes the responsible and eco-friendly application of organic manure, such as manure, sewage sludge and compost. Our activities are always focused on the concerns of the agricultural sector and agricultural businesses.

As well as actively designing subsidy schemes for rural development, we also monitor planning procedures relevant to the region, such as motorway construction and underground cable extensions.


Rural Development
 Eichsfeld Dirk Siemering


Cooperative drinking water protection schemes have been successfully in place for a number of years. People are increasingly acknowledging the importance of surface water protection.

In the field of emission control, our aim is to develop agricultural holdings. Climate protection and biodiversity are two issues that are set to pose crucial challenges for many industries, and agriculture is no exception. In consultation with the relevant authorities, agencies and academic institutions, we work to develop concepts that allow farm operations to play their part in tackling an issue that impacts us all.


Testing area in Wehnen
 Versuchsfläche Wehnen Amelie Bauer


The Chamber also includes a fertiliser authority. It develops and evaluates technical guidelines for the implementation of fertiliser legislation and checks compliance in agricultural holdings using an efficient and effective monitoring process.


The plant protection office is a body within the Chamber that monitors plant health and makes arrangements should a disease be detected. It also oversees and ensures the proper use of chemical plant protection.


Cheque Card Sachkundenachweis Pflanzenschutz
 Scheckkarte Sachkundenachweis Pflanzenschutz, Vorderseite LWK Niedersachsen


Subsidy programmes are approved, cleared and monitored on behalf of the state. This could be initiatives involving schools, an investment scheme for an individual business, acreage premiums or agri-environmental measures.

The Chamber provides information on regulations and initiatives, commitments practitioners are expected to meet, as well as changes to laws.

The many subsidy programmes in place are monitored through the awarding bodies. We are also responsible for the regional administration of schemes across the whole of Lower Saxony.

The inspection body ensures the correct use of subsidised funds.


LBZ Echem - Under construction
 LBZ Echem - Ökologischer Maststall, Innenansicht Birgit Sunder


LUFA North-West analyses over one million samples every year. State-of-the-art technology and highly trained specialists guarantee quick and reliable results for clients from the agricultural sector and the food industries.

We also offer environmental analysis, e.g. water and emissions testing, carried out using the most up-todate research methods. In our dairy training centre, we help develop the dairy technologists of tomorrow. We are also actively involved in a number of schemes – e.g. animal welfare, QS (quality and safety) – and are taking part in a wide range of research projects.


Analysis in the LUFA
 Laboruntersuchung in der LUFA Walter Hollweg


Globalisation, open and volatile markets, new developments in production technology and the digital revolution in agriculture, as well as evolving production conditions, market demands and social expectations, are issues that are bringing farming industries around the globe closer together.

Strategic cooperation and alliances at the regional, national and international level are becoming increasingly important.


Visitors from Mongolia in 2016
 Besuch einer mongolischen Delegation 2016 Sarah Reichenbach


Here we place a great deal of emphasis on individual responsibility, initiative and flexibility in the workplace, and developing our staff members’ expertise and personal skills is key.

We strive to create a trusting, cooperative environment and managerial processes that are built on transparency.

At the Chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony, we take our employees’ concerns seriously. Flexible working hours, measures to create a greater balance between work and family life as well as a health management policy help ensure top performance and encourage staff commitment.

Find out more about our job vacancies and submit your application today..


Sport event: Employees of the Chamber
 Drachenbootrennen 2015: 6. Platz für die Flowerdragons Ortrud Boklage


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